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    OPEN CAST MINE PLANNING - Mining and Blasting

    muck and volume of overburden casting by blasting, which many reduce the workload of dragline and also the effect on working level of dragline. If proper designed blasting reduces the bench height, the re-handling percentage can considerably reduced. The blast profile shall be such that the level of total bench

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    Optimization of Blasting Parameters in opencast Mines

    Optimization of blast is dependent on a host of complex factors related to the rock, explosive, initiation, drill-hole parameters and their layout. The present work is a step in the direction of developing a suitable blast model, with simple methodologies which can be adapted by the mining industry to achieve better blasting …

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    Selection of practical bench height in open pit mining ...

    Key words: Open pit mining, bench height, multi-criteria decision making. INTRODUCTION As a definition in open pit mining, bench height is the vertical distance between crest and toe of the bench (Fourie and Dohm, 1992). Determination of optimum bench height is …

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    Blasting and Explosives Quick Reference Guide 2010

    These rules provide a first estimate in the absence of any better data. Blast hole diameter in mm ≤ 15 x Bench height (BH) in metres Bench height (BH) in metres ≥ (Blast hole diameter (D) in mm)/15 Burden (B) = (25 to 40) x (D) Spacing (S) = 1.15 x B (This gives an equilateral pattern) Subdrill = (3 to 15) x D Charge length (C) ≥ 20 D Stemming ≥ 20 x D or (0.7 - 1.2) x B

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    Blast optimization at Kriel Colliery J r n a

    General information on blasting operations This study was conducted in both Pit 5 and Pit 6. The overburden in Pit 5 is drilled on a 10 m x10 m blast hole pattern and a bench height in excess of 30 metres. The blast holes are loaded with explosives to an 8 metre stemming. In Pit 6 a 8 m x 8 m blast hole pattern is drilled and the average bench ...

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    A novel powder factor based bench blast design method for ...

    shift for drill and blast personnel at these large surface mines, and the explosives industry has yet to create a blast design method specifically tailored for large surface coal mine bench blasting. This research examines the typical scale of bench blasting at large surface coal

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    mining engineering: MINE DESIGN : BENCHING

    Jun 08, 2010· 2. reduced drilling yield and increased drill and blast cost 3. sub grade costs more (relatively larger) 4. reduced shovel productivity Bench Height - Optimization Are bench dimensions always important ? Bench Height and Dilution Watch Your Blasting ! Slope Design : Summary Slope Design: Conclusions 1. Maximize the height of the benches * at ...

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    Blaster's Training Modules - Module 4 - Blasthole Drilling

    Hole diameters are matched to blasting bench heights. In general, the higher the bench height or cut to be blasted, the larger the blasthole diameter. ... Thus, for example, the maximum recommended drill-hole diameter for a mine that plans to develop a 60-foot bench would be 60/5 or up to 12 inches. From the chart, the range will be 4.5 to 12.3 ...

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    Optimized design of drilling and blasting operations in ...

    Bowa introduced a practical method in an open pit mine to optimize blasting design parameters such as bench height, drill hole diameter, spacing, etc. . Tosun and Konak determined a particular charge for blasting operation to reduce operating costs through an experimental method .

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    Blast fragmentation measurements in open pits ...

    Blast fragmentation measurements in open pits Posted by John on 31st August 2017 David Varcoe, Principal Mining Engineer of AMC Consultants notes a recent project in which AMC was involved that required, amongst other activities, a review of options to measure blast fragmentation in an operating open pit mining environment.

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    Geotechnical Considerations in Open Pit Mines Version 1.0 Department of Minerals and Energy Page 3 of 49 1.0 INTRODUCTION The potentially hazardous nature of open pit mining requires the application of sound geotechnical engineering practice to mine design and general operating procedures, to allow

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    Vast Resources plc – Mining And Resource Development

    Vast Resources is focussed on the rapid transformation from exploration company to mining company and delivering multiple revenue streams. This will be driven by the advancement of its two primary value drivers, the Baita Plai Polymetallic Mine in Romania, and the Chiadzwa Community Concession in Zimbabwe, into near term production.

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    BLASTEC - Orica Mining Services

    1.7 Limitation with respect to relation Hole Diameter/Bench Height In the program there is a limitation, which does not allow too small bench heights in rela-tion to the hole diameter. Minimum accepted Bench Height (meter) is equal to Hole Di-ameter (mm) /100. For example, mi-nimum bench height when using 76 mm drill holes is 0.76 m.

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    Analysis of Safety Aspects And Mining Practices For ...

    determining safe and workable bench height, bench face angle, and bench width. To determine the relationship of mine design parameters/practices and effective ground control in surface mining, this study was undertaken. It included coal and nonmetal mines, and consisted of four parts: • A review of accident statistics for the 1988-1997 period

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    The South African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy ... height, bench face angle and berm width can be used in the slope design. The bench ... designs of blasting for wall stability are an additional criterion. The wedge failure mechanism and volume of failed material are illustrated in

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    Bench - inter-ramp - overall: A guide to statistically ...

    Let's clarify this interaction. Assume an open pit mine with a substantial overall slope height. Now, assume a bench height of 15m, a required catch bench width of 8m with a stability determined face angle of 70°. Assume the inter-ramp slope has been determined to be acceptably stable at an angle of 55° with a ramp width of 33m and a

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    Blasting sequence at Goldcorp's Penasquito mine in ...

    Aug 28, 2014· MineSight at Goldcorp's Penasquito mine, Zacatecas, Mexico A blasting sequence at Goldcorp's Penasquito silver-gold mine, where MineSight is integral to mine planning and scheduling.

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    Rock fragmentation control in opencast blasting ...

    But, all the blast design parameters cannot be changed depending on the type of strata and bench height. Hole diameters of 159 mm, 259 mm, 269 mm and 311 mm were used depending on their bench height. The bench height is related to the working capability of loaders and varies from 5 m to 42 m.

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    c. blast geometry; d. blast size; e. the priming method; and f. the initiation sequence Terminology in bench blasting Free face: This is an exposed rock surface towards which the explosive charge can break out. It resembles a wall. Face height (H): This is the vertical distance in metres between the top and floor of the bench and should be at least

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    Pit Wall Angles and Bench Width – How Do They Relate?

    May 10, 2015· A rule of thumb is that the catch bench width should be according to the formula 4.5m + 0.2H, where H is the height of the bench. This means the recommended catch bench width for a 5m high bench should be about 5.5m; for a 10m high bench it should be 6.5m; and for 15m high bench it should be 7.5 metres.

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    An Open Pit Bench Blasting Application - Mining Consultant

    Dec 09, 2016· Bench Blasting Application. Hi everyone, I want to show an application from beginning to end in open pit bench blasting.Step-by-step we're going to explain what we should do in an open pit bench blasting.In most of mine works which including open pit production methods use almost same stage in blasting.

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    Bench Blasting - Helals

    Bench Blasting . Bench Blasting Basics. Bench blasting consists of drilling holes in the rock at depths, in diameters, and at spacing so that the ANFO (which is a mixture of Ammonium Nitrate[fertilizer] and Fuel Oil [diesel fuel]) as a column charge,together with a bottom charge, can fracture the rock in a controlled manner.

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    Surface mining planning and design of open pit mining

    Jan 09, 2016· Surface mining planning and design of open pit mining 1. This material is intended for use in lectures, presentations and as handouts to students, and is provided in Power point format so as to allow customization for the individual needs of course instructors. Permission of the author and publisher is required for any other usage.

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    Bench Height | Drilling | Mining

    bench with 6.5 feet of burden on each hole 40 / 6.5 = 6.15 Shot wont crater No real advantage to such a high bench and small hole May need to watch for cut-off problems in later practice or other equations The Problem of Interrelationships Burden is a function of Hole Size and explosive Acceptable Bench Height is a function of burden and thus ...

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    Selection of practical bench height in open pit mining ...

    Determination of practical bench height is an important subject in open pit mining. This subject has always been an issue with different and sometimes conflicting criteria that have to be ...

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    Appendix E6 - Canada.ca

    controlled drilling and blasting must be needed to allow safe operation of the pit. 2. Drilling Production drilling will be done with electric drills with a 15m bench height. Similar sites and a study done by Orica (refer to Appendix A – KSM-SABREX Study) show that a drill hole diameter of

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    blast pattern – Mining and Blasting

    Oct 12, 2012· Bench height = 1.5 to 4 times the burden, or possibly higher; Bench height is usually limited on the low end by the height of the stemming column required and its limiting effect on the amount of explosive that can be loaded, and limited on the high end by the height of the digging equipment (for safety reasons).

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    Chapter 8 BLAST DESIGN - National Park Service

    efficient use of the explosive energy in the blast. Benches may be designed and carried forth with more than one face so that simple blasting patterns can be used to remove the rock. In the illustration that follows (Figure 8-4) shows a typical bench cut with two free faces and fired with one delay per row.

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    Mar 02, 2018· simultaneously in different parts of, and at different elevations in an open-pit mine or quarry. Bench Height – The vertical distance between the base of one bench and the base of the overlying bench. The bench height is designed by the mine planner. The main constraint on height of bench is

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